Sunday, February 12, 2012

Postpartum thoughts...

Wow it's been forever since I posted! I have a lot of different things I want to post about and this is one I started earlier... 

I've been thinking a lot what's going to happen AFTER I have this baby... It will be a big adjustment going from one kid who can get himself out of bed, dressed, and get his own breakfast if he wants to being woken up all hours of the night to a baby who can't do a thing for herself! We have been spoiled - Saturdays Robby gets to watch cartoons while we sleep in, and the last few days he's woken up late and then just played in his room and let me sleep in til 9! Our lives are about to seriously change!

My recovery after I had Robby was pretty difficult... I had the most wonderful birth, had the sweetest new little baby, but I was a crazy person! Crying all the time... it didn't help that I had broken my tail bone in labor so I was in a lot of pain, couldn't get up and down easily, and just in general didn't know what I was doing! Just so emotional!!!!! It should have been the happiest time in my life and instead I was a wreck.

So! When we were at my midwife's forum the other day (she does monthly little classes with all of her clients together) and one of her helpers got up and started talking about placenta encapsulation. I'm just going to start by saying I've heard of people saving their placentas and cooking them up and the thought of it always seemed pretty crazy to me! I've even heard before of people putting it in capsules before but for some reason when Rachel was talking about it it was kind of like a little light went off and I thought, "I am doing that." I looked over at Rob who was probably thinking, "um, ew..." and I informed him we were doing this. :)

Ok, let me explain - when you are pregnant, especially at the end, you have three times the amount of normal hormones (I don't remember exactly which ones or the more techinical explanation) and then after you give birth those levels deplete below normal which is what causes those crazy baby blues and all that emotional-ness. So, when you encapsulate your placenta (or pay someone else to do it which is what we will be doing) you are able to regulate those hormones and give your body back what it was missing. Also do you know we are the only mammals who do not eat their placenta? I'm not ready to cook mine up but if it can be dehydrated and put into little capsules that look just like the herbs I've been taking this whole time then sure!

I'm not doing the process justice - you need to go here and read more about it. A summary of the benefits:
-balance your hormones
-enhance milk supply
-increase your energy
-can help you recover more quickly from birth
-shortens postpartum bleeding
-FYI - Rachel Talley will do it for $150 

All I'm saying is, if there are some natural "happy" pills that can be produced from something my body makes that can help me not be a crazy person after I have a baby then SIGN ME UP. Maybe I'm more open to this after going through this gamete of Chinese herbs, acupuncture, special herbal tea from my midwife... but for whatever reason this just is something that sounds like it could really help me. Some of Sherri's other clients have talked about the amazing difference it's made in their recovery and I am 100% sold.

If you're in Utah and are interested you can email Rachel Talley about it at or call 801-623-2559.


  1. That's the coolest thing I've ever heard. Makes a lot of sense. Our bodies are so amazing. I'd be really interested to hear how you like them. Wow!

  2. Well, sounds like it could really do you a lot of good and make this postpartum experience a much better one for you!