Wednesday, January 11, 2012

30 weeks

Ok some more not great belly pics but that's all I've got! :) I can't believe I'm this far along!

So overall I'm doing great and feeling good! I'm grateful for the chance to have worked so hard for this - it sure makes the annoying stuff easier. :)

That weird muscle, possibly hernia thing, I have had felt better before my appointment last week so I didn't make a big deal out of it to Sherri but lately it is KILLING me. It's worse when I'm doing lots of lifting and cleaning or something so I'm trying to be careful but it's hard to slow down when things just have to get done! I have tried some BFNC on it but it didn't seem to do anything... I'm gonna see if she has any other ideas when I go in next week.

Last appointment baby girl was sideways, transverse. This time she seems head down and her bum was to the side. She still has lots of time to wiggle into a good solid head down bum in the middle position. Sherri suggested doing some crawling around on my hands and knees to jostle her around so I've been doing that as well as trying to spend time bouncing around on my birth ball (exercise ball) instead of laying back in bed.

Braxton hicks are here... a lot... my tummy just feels like a bag of rocks sometimes for like an hour straight... such a weird feeling!! These don't feel anything like the actual labor cramps I had with Robby but just like this crazy rock hard tummy feeling.

We have the crib and dresser all set up in our 3rd bedroom - it has been our office so we are trying to combine the two functions which will be interesting! It's been so fun to go through the girl clothes hand me downs from my sister in law and sister! These clothes are all so adorable! I can't believe I'm gonna have a baby girl to put in them!!!! Even Robby has been so excited looking at the little hats he used to wear or baby shoes... "can we do more baby stuff??" he asked me.

My next appointment is next Tuesday! I'll be 32 weeks! So crazy it's going so fast!


  1. Aw, you are looking SO CUTE! I can't believe how far along you are! I haven't really noticed contractions too much but during my NST today I had 2 during the 20 minutes they were monitoring. Now that I know what it feels like and know it's a mini Braxton Kicks I can totally see that I have them now & then.

    And I can not wait to see Robby & Baby's room! Gonna be SO CUTE!

  2. I love the shirt, darling!! I can't believe you are already 30 weeks that is just amazing!! I can't wait for her to arrive!!

  3. Es, you look so great! What a cute shirt! I can't believe how close you are to meeting Baby Girl! Can't wait to hear how everything goes and hopefully meet her and see you all soon. Good luck these last few weeks! Love you guys lots.

  4. Hi Es! I'm so excited for this little girl! You will have some clothes in the mail soon... waiting for her to fully out grow 0-3 so I can send to yall. You look great! Wish we were there for this! xo.