Sunday, February 12, 2012

35 weeks

35 weeks!

As my hypnobabies affirmations cd says, "I love my pregnant body and I accept it every day... more and more every day." :) I just want to remember it! 

Ok so I'm 5 weeks away from my due date - Robby came at 38 weeks so I've got 3 weeks till I feel like I need to be READY but then am still trying hard to not expect her to come early and be ok with going late if I need to. I've got my little "countdown" (things planned for each week through 42) and am trying to keep the days busy along the way as well!

Like this week I have: acupuncture tomorrow and then planning on going swimming, Tuesday clean my house and then a homeschool Valentine's Day party; Wednesday go up to SLC to see my sister and then Sherri comes in the evening for our HOME VISIT!; Thursday probably go to the gym in the morning and then Robby has gymnastics; Friday.... I don't know yet. But we are just trying to stay busy! :)

It's been exciting getting ready for Sherri to come do our home visit. We'll talk about where to put the birth tub and any questions we have... I feel like I should have more questions but I don't really have many! I don't know if it's because I've already done a lot of preparing or if I'm missing something!

The other night I woke up about two hours after having gone to bed and was awake for a few hours with contractions - not just like the braxton hicks I'm having all the time every day (like several just in writing this post) but I could feel them in my lower back... I just laid there trying to go back to sleep... got up and had a cheese stick... some water... took forever but I finally fell back asleep. I was sure I wasn't really in labor because I'm only 35 weeks but my illogical middle of the night self was pretty confused...

Swollen! My feet are so swollen! Well, all of my church shoes are pretty much too small to start off with but they've always worked fine - today I could barely squeeze into one pair, the widest ones I have! And the "chubby" ring I had been wearing as a wedding ring isn't really fitting either... my blood pressure and urine and everything has been normal at my appointments and it's not the kind of swelling where if you push your finger in it it leaves a dent so it's nothing to worry about it's just not very helpful.

Tomorrow I have acupuncture and Dr. Dummar will also do an adjustment and I'm so looking forward to that... my back is kind of killing me.

I feel like there has been more stuff I wanted to share but I can't think of it now! I'll try to take more pictures and blog more often!

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  1. Can't wait to hear about the home visit! You're getting so close! :)