Monday, December 19, 2011

28 week appointment

Had a great visit with my wonderful midwife Sherri today!

So I'm almost 28 weeks along and again I'm measuring +3, so a little bigger. I'm not worried about having a big baby though since I was a 10 lb baby. :) Baby was lying transverse (sideways) but there's plenty of time to for her to get her head pointed down. It explains the kicks/movements I feel on both sides of my stomach all the time!

I have this weird sore spot on my left side and higher than my belly button... she said it could be sore from baby kicking/being in one spot but I don't feel like she's sitting in this spot all the time. Another option is it could be a hernia - the muscle and tissue stretching in that spot... I don't really know much about them but sounds like if that's it there's nothing I can do and we'll just see if it goes away after baby is born. Anyone have any experience with this? It just really hurts... I carried Robby inside today from the car (which I NEVER do anymore) and it made it so much worse. Later tonight I tried to lift him up to show him something and I almost fell over it hurt so bad! So, not very fun but it doesn't hurt that bad all the time. Maybe just no heavy lifting??

All my other vitals and stuff were good - perfect blood pressure, no protein in the urine, even perfect pH levels she said! Woo hoo!

I have officially gained 30 lbs so far. Seeing numbers on the scale I've never seen. Ahh... it's probably not going to get much better with Christmas coming up! We have delicious goodies dropped off at our door almost every day! Nice neighbors, huh? :) I need to keep up with stretching and walking - got a bad cold last week and that's made me slack off really bad but I want my body to be as ready as possible for labor!

My appointments will now be every 2 weeks! Makes it feel like it's getting closer!! :) So fun!

Friday, December 16, 2011

27 weeks

 Me and Robby's attempt at some belly pics...

Not great but it's something. :)

This little baby has just gotten huge it feels like! Before kicks and punches were normal but now I'm feeling body rolls and big hard spots, a bum maybe? I don't know how people can tell what body parts are what but it just feels so crazy to feel huge kicks in two places at once - maybe she's jumping?? It's so fun. I love to just sit with my hands on my tummy... feels like she never stops moving!!!

It's hard to imagine my tummy getting bigger - 3 months worth bigger, you know? I know I don't look huge it's just this big tight belly that it's so crazy it can stretch and stretch to fit my growing baby...

I'm trying to keep up with my long everyday to do list of things that would make for the perfect pregnancy but it's so hard! I'm trying to eat as healthy as I can but when there are Christmas treats being dropped off at my door each day it's so hard to resist!! Also, there are days like today that NECESSITATE a diet coke to get through... (started with Robby accidentally slamming my finger in his door.... didn't get better...) It's hard to get enough rest, drink enough water, take all my herbs, drink my midwife's tea, do my kegels, pelvic rocks, yoga, hypnobabies practice, etc.... but I'm trying.

I really do feel pretty dang good though. It's nice having the holidays to make the time fly by. After Christmas I basically just have 2 months until I want to be ready - just be ready for her to come any time in March! I have bought a couple of things but I need to go through my clothes I have for Robby and figure out what I can use for her and am lucky to have a sister in law who said she'd pass down her little girls' clothes so I'm also waiting to see those too! But boy is it hard to not shop when girls clothes are so dang cute!!!! :)